Welcome to the D2C.io docs!

What is D2C.io?

D2C is a platform which automates routines in building the infrastructure for applications. It is designed to facilitate DevOps’ tasks for developers through the simple interface. You can use it to manage servers’ infrastructure and lifecycle of an application from developing to production using own hosts or cloud providers of your choice.


D2C is a web service, and you do not need to install anything. Sign Up and start creating hosts and services which your application needs.

What can you do with D2C.io?

  • Manage hardware infrastructure using cloud (hosting) providers and/or own hosts
  • Containerize applications (it happens automatically after creating any service)
  • Deploy applications from git or any archive to your cloud or own hosts
  • Scale in a single click:
    • web-apps
    • databases (including replication)
    • hosts
  • Balance applications using a pre-configured HAProxy service
  • Create database backups directly to your storage provider and restore when it needs
  • Migrate containers to any of your hosts
  • Check logs and metrics of containers and hosts
  • Use a pre-configured private network for all services
  • Use WebHooks to automate your deployments
  • Use pre-configured NGINX configs
  • Use free TLS certificates for your domains by Let’s Encrypt (works with NGINX and HAProxy)

How to get started?

  • Create an account
  • Link to a cloud provider or connect own hosts
  • Create a project
  • Choose services you want to deploy
  • Configure in a simple way, without any files
  • Select hosts and deploy
  • Work on your code and use the interface for updating your app, checking metrics and logs