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D2C does not provide its computing resources – it automates the provisioning process at cloud providers. Be aware that cloud provider will charge you for resource usage based on your payment plan.

Plans comparison

Plan Free Starter Personal Business
Connected hosts 3 temporary 1 30 50
Priority of processes Low Medium Medium High
Metrics retention period 1 hour 1 hour 1 week 1 month
Vertical and horizontal Scaling
Load Balancing
Container migration
Database Replication
Global access control
Local access control
Logs redirection
Extra users Not available $100 per user annually
$10 per user monthly
$100 per user annually
$10 per user monthly
$100 per user annually
$10 per user monthly
Price $0 $70 annually
$7 monthly
$190 annually
$19 monthly
$490 annually
$49 monthly


Services Info Price
Technical support Email, tickets, chat. $40/h. Contact us
Basic technical support Email&Tickets. Response time: 24 hours $150/mo. Subscribe
Premium technical support Private chat channel. Response time: 12 hours $350/mo. Subscribe
Migration your WordPress to D2C Get more information $50. Contact us
Migration your application to D2C Contact us
Website optimizing Based on WordPress $300. Contact us
Custom optimizing Databases, Webservers, Load balancers, etc. Contact us
Infrastructure design Hardware and software design for your project from scratch Contact us
Infrastructure support 24/7, hardware and software Depending on amount of services/hosts. Contact us
CI/CD setup Based on GitLab and D2C Contact us


  1. Priority in task queue means how fast task (create services, update services, etc.) will be processed. If you would like to manage priority yourself, you need the Enterprise plan.
  2. You can change paid plan to Free after your subscription is expired and automatic payment is cancelled. The account should not have any hosts.
  3. We never delete any data from your hosts after cancelling a subscription. You can continue to manage them manually.
  4. You can ask to delete any data about your D2C account.