D2C does not provide its computing resources – it automates the provisioning process at cloud providers. Be aware that cloud provider will charge you for resource usage based on your payment plan.

Compare and understanding plans

Free Pro Enterprise
Connect 1 own host Connect up to 100 hosts Pro features
Low priority in task queue Multi-Cloud and Hybrid deployment Private Cloud
1-hour metric retention High priority in task queue Role-based Access control
300MB rotated logs Database Replication LDAP/SAML/AD
Vertical and horizontal Scaling Unlimited logs
Load Balancing
Container migration
1-month metric retention
300MB rotated logs
0 $ $16/mo billed annually
$19/mo billed monthly
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  1. Priority in task queue means how fast task (create services, update services, etc.) will be processed. If you would like to manage priority yourself, you need the Enterprise plan.
  2. Private cloud means the ability to run D2C platform in your environment.
  3. You can not change Pro plan to Free yourself. Contact us if you want to do it. The account should have not more than one cloud host.
  4. Customers from Russia can make a payment using bank transfer (Send your company details and subscription duration for making the invoice).
  5. We never delete any data from your hosts after cancelling a subscription. You can continue to manage them manually.
  6. You can ask to delete any data about your D2C account.