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To create D2C account follow this link. You can use any of social profiles (Google, Facebook, GitHub, BitBucket) or your email and password.

General settings

In general settings, you can:

  • Set the parameters of notifications
  • Set the time of checking for D2C updates. A small file version.json will be downloaded (~60 bytes)
  • Check the status and links of API and WebSocket servers
  • Copy your D2C open SSH key. You can use it for repositories to allow D2C download sources for your services
  • Set and try experimental features

Settings - general settings


In plans you can:

  • Subscribe to plans
  • Change a plan
  • Manage subscription:
    • Update payment method
    • Copy a link for updating payment method
    • Cancel the renewal

Settings - plans


In payments you can check all previous payments and open a receipt.

Settings - payments


In security you can check change a password for an account.

Settings - security