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Question: Do you store credit card information?

Answer: We do not store any payment information on our servers. It is handled by Paddle payment provider.

Question: How do you protect my websites/apps?


  • We do not put git folder to a website directory
  • All containers are run in Weave Private Network. By default, only NGINX and HAProxy have access from the Internet
  • There are different settings of TLS certificates

Question: Can I use a firewall to avoid access to my hosts?

Answer: Yes. D2C connects to user’s hosts from and addresses and you can add them to your firewall.

Question: Do you store my source code?

Answer: No. After we pull your source code and copy it to your hosts we delete the source code from our hosts.

Weave FAQ


Reset weave service... WARNING: the following containers are still attached to network "weave": 89669f417f0a 9db2e7644cee Docker operations involving those containers may pause or fail while Weave is not running Weave is not running.


It can happen when you update Weave separately or full update of system services on a host. It means that there are two containers in Weave network which weren’t stopped automatically. The solution is to stop them manually using the next command in the terminal of a host:

docker stop 89669f417f0a 9db2e7644cee (ID are used only for this case. You should copy the ID of your container(s) from the error you get)


When Serve static files is enabled and you get the next error during deploying NGINX:

Error creating container: 404 Client Error: Not Found ("{"message":"No such container: php-service"}")

This means that:

  • NGINX and a served service placed at different hosts
  • A served service is offline or not deployed yet (etc still deploying)

Initial commands

Question: What is an initial command?

Answer: Commands which are executed only once on the first container after the first deploying a service. As an example, you can use it for populate database or migration.

Question: Why nothing happens when I try to change it?

Answer: You can run initial commands again using Deploy from scratch button.

Deploy from scratch