D2C supports load balancing provided by HAProxy. It works in different modes: HTTP, HTTPS, TCP. The config generates automatically. You can edit it after deploying.

How to deploy a load balancer

  1. Deploy or open a service you want to balance
  2. Click Add load balancer
  3. Choose a mode and a host
  4. Click Add load balancer

If you use HTTPS HAProxy will be deployed with Let’s Encrypt certificate (you can also add own certificate after deploying). Specify any additional ports if it needs. You can also disable access from the Internet (it is enabled by default).

Load balancing

Load balancing - mode and ports

Load balancing - choose a host

Edit load balancer

You can change settings of load balancer after deploying. For this purpose open an HAProxy service, click Edit settings.

Load balancing - editing

To change mode or set your own certificate find a Configure services block and click on Generate new config icon.

Load balancing - generate new config

Choose a mode and click Generate new config.

Load balancing - choose a mode

If you need HTTPS, you cad add an own certificate or use free automatically updated certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt.

Click Update service.

Load balancing - update