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By default, D2C stores logs of containers itself. If you need to redirect your logs to any other storages, you can use this feature. It’s available only on business accounts.

How to redirect logs of a container outside D2C

  1. Open a service page
  2. Find Containers block in the bottom of a page
  3. Click Log redirection
  4. Choose a log provider
  5. Click confirm


All new logs of the service containers will be send to the selected log provider. You won’t be able to see them in the D2C interface.


Logstash container should be online when you redirect logs of a service.

Log redirection button

Log redirection window

Stacks for logs redirection

You can find a ready to use Elastic and Logstash-InfluxDB-Grafana stacks in our Stackhub.

After you deploy a stack you need to add Index pattern for Kibana and Data source for Grafana. Read more in Kibana and Grana documentation.